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You can set your Right Career Choices, The App Records and Monitors all your Activities and Coaches You like a Personal Trainer with the Help of AI and Helps You to Reach your Inspiring Ambitions

You can Connect with Subject Experts, Private Tutors or Institutions Directly, Share them your Doubts and they are Ready to Support you on your Mission.

You can Reach out for more Students or Tutors Easily, Manage All your Activities Online and Track Your Progress On the Go, Let Each other Support One other by being Found and Hustle.  

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About Brilliant

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Brilliant is a Study Mate that Helps you to Tracks Your Study Method and Coaches you to Score Better Grades. It's a Personal Ai Coach that Helps you to Overcome your Difficulties. If you are Looking for more Support you can Easily Reach out to a Private Tutor or Institution at Your Location.

We are Since 2019 and Helping Hundreds of Students and Tutors all Across the Country, Our Goal is to Make You Progress Better, Faster and Easy on your Academics and also to Crack Challenging Competitive Exams.

"Exposure  Makes  Education  Complete"

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I was new to the town,

I was looking for a Reputed

Coaching Center to Study for UPSC exams, "Thanks to Brilliant" now I'm Studying in one of the Top rated Institutions around my City

Krishna Kumar

We are a Reputed academy,every year we used to burn a lot of cash for Promotions to reach out more students,"Thanks to Brilliant"now we are able to reach more students at Ease

Frank NEET academy

I wanted to start a tuition for maths on my own but I quiet felt i was not rewarded enough for my hard work,"Thanks to Brilliant" now I'm able to reach out more students and Improve their Grades

John Maths Tution