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We Heartily Thank you all for your Constant Love and Support

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Jasper Joshua,CEO

On The Other Hand Tuition Centers Find it Hard to Reach More Students to Grow. Hello! I'm Deepan  During my College Days I always had a Passion Towards Teaching and I wanted to Help Higher Secondary Students to Score Good Grades .So I Started My Tuition in Part Time Initially I got 10-15 Students but then I didn't get Enough Opportunity in my Region to Grow Fast. Even though my Teaching Method was Good as many of My Students got very Good Grades I felt My Growth is being Limited. So We Started Brilliant to Help Tutors in to Find more Students and to make Turn their Profession & Passion to Popular.

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Deepan Kumar,CMO


Well When I was a Student, I Agree Finding The Best Tuition or Institution is Really Hard but for Me It's all about Cracking the Competitive Government Exams. Hey Guys! I'm Bagavathy, I Believe I'm really a First Bench Student who doesn't really Looking for a Tutor but I needed some Assistance or Guidance to Perform Better. Keeping up with the Study Time Schedule, Getting the right Study Materials is Really Tough Especially on a Bad Day. So in Brilliant we Created A Virtual Personal Trainer with the Help of Ai that Helps you to Keep Track of Your Progress from the Time You Spend to Cover the Syllabus to How much Time You spend for Sleep and also it Helps with The Techniques and Hacks to Help you Study Better.

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Bagavathy Raja,CFO

I Discovered Working Hard is not just Enough to Score Good Marks. If you want to Excel in Academics or to Crack Competitive Exams You need to Work Smart and You may need Some Assistance. I'm Rizwan, We Founded Brilliant at 2019 and Since then We are Working with Hundreds of Private Tutors, Institutions and Coaching Classes along with Thousands of Students. We Focus on Creating a Community where Tutors and Students can Engage in Order to Grow Together. The Goal is to Make Students Achieve Bigger and make their Life Easier Especially when it comes to Education. WE ARE LOOKING TO CREATE A REVOLUTION IN THE WAY  STUDENTS LEARN AND THW WAY TUTORS TEACH !

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Our Story;


Hi, I'm Jasper You Could be a Smart Student like Me but Still Fail in Some Subjects for Me it was Math when I was a Student. The Problem was even though I was a Good Student I Couldn't Excel in Some Subjects. I was Desperately Looking for Help through a Tuition Center. I was Searching My Entire Neighbourhood for like 7-10 days and Landed with 7 Tuition Centers but none of them Matched my Budget ,Tuition Timings and Hundred other Preferences I was Looking for. Finding the Right Coaching Centre or Tutor is Tricky These Days, That's when WE CAME UP WITH BRILLIANT.  Brilliant is a Mobile Application that Findings The Right Tuition Or  Coaching Class Of Your Choice in your Locality within Seconds.

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We are Currently Available on these Cities;

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