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The Future of Indian Medical Students from the War(Ukraine)

The fate of Indian Medical students who returned from Ukraine, a war-hit area, hangs in the balance. They have returned to India without knowing the questions for many answers. Will they go there again? Where will they continue their studies? Will they become future doctors?

What will happen to the Students?

As the war has not officially ended, the future of medical universities in Ukraine is still unknown. This has provoked the question of whether Indian Medical institutions have a possibility to accommodate returned medical students from Ukraine. Some news spread saying that Poland has agreed to accommodate freed students from Ukraine to their Universities.

Haryana student Kuldeep said,” Now that India has denied voting on Ukraine’s favor in UN, it would be a risky situation for the Indian students to go, stay and study there”. One of the medical students, Shraiya Sharma said ”Many are going to Poland, Armenia, Hungary as they are offering the refugee programs where they join and continue their courses”.

IMA's Take on:

The Indian Medical Association(IMA) has asked Prime Minister Modi to make sure the suffering students get extra seats in the government and medical colleges of India and they have released the circular stating, all the evacuated students from Ukraine to get eligibility certificates from the statutory authorities from India and has to apply from the universities depending upon their demographic location of the learner.

They will also need the validation certificate of their previous institutions from Ukraine. Resultant passing out from the universities is to be considered as Indian graduates, not as foreign graduates. This will help and profit them to turn their uncertain fate. When it comes to college, this will be the only one year where they can extend their seats to the medical students and their annual intaking capacity should not be increased in the upcoming years.

National Medical Commission Act:

The top source from the government said that to implement this, an amendment to the NMC act and regulations is required. It is a complex process. Government and medical colleges have to make a call and pass the ordinance.

On the other way of thinking, more than 18,000 students went to study in Ukraine because of the high fees charged by the medical colleges and there are fewer seats in India. So some say that the government can help them by providing zero-interest loans and some scholarship opportunities that would welfare both the medical students and the healthcare system.

India's Future:

India has given some brilliant minds to the world which is a matter of pride. But India has only 15k practicing doctors. Due to the lack of educational infrastructure and affordable education, we are losing the big masterminds to other countries. So the government should have thought of investing in building educational institutions for healthcare and making medical education more accessible. That will reduce the burden of existing Healthcare Systems.

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