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Top 5 Books Every Student must Know

In this Generation Z era, Everyone was already occupied with their social media, they hardly get the time to read the Books. Many of you have forgotten the benefits of Reading books. Reading Books is no waste of time, it's gonna give you something precious as always.

One of the top-most benefits of Reading daily is that Your Brain becomes Super significant. Today, I'm gonna tell you about the Top 5 books you as a student have to read. (Dm or mail us to get Digital Copies)

How to Find Friends and influence people:

This book is written by Dale Carnegie. In this book, the author speaks about many Strategies and Techniques of how to talk and handle new people and to become the great leader who everyone wishes to follow. Even though this book was first published in 1936, the Contents and Topics in the books are still relevant to all.

This book is especially for People who want to mingle with other people and improve their socializing skills. If you work in a corporate or run a business, it will also be helpful for you.

The things you can take away from this book:

  • Don't criticize and avoid arguments

  • Become genuinely interested in other people

  • Give honest and Sincere Appreciationyour mistakes.

  • Be quick to acknowledge

  • Remember names

The Alchemist:

This book is written by Paulo Coelho. It is one of the International Bestsellers and has translated into more than 60+ languages. The theme of the book is to follow your dreams and find the Destiny and Purpose of Life. It is a fantastic book and these themes are conveyed through Storytelling.

The story is about a Shepherd boy Santiago who is from Spain. He keeps getting the same dream about treasures that are lying in the Pyramids of Egypt. The word choice of the author is flawless and full of philosophy and perceptions. He talks about Aspirations, Fate, Love, Unity of spirit, Self-discovery, and Spirituality. If you are a story lover this one is for you.

The 5 am club:

Everyone knows that Early Sleep and Early Morning wakeup give you Healthy life and make you grow. But most people don't know how to create successful mornings. This book gives a practical narration of the strategy to create successful mornings.

This is written by Robin Sharma. Here he clears talks about why it is difficult to wake up in the moringa and how to overcome it by step via step guide to own your morning. This book has a lot of practices and every one of them is easily implementable. It also tells us about the routine after you woke up.

Rich dad poor dad:

It is a world-famous book written by Robert Kiyosaki. In this book, the author talks about the rich dad(his friend's father) and the poor dad(his father). The rich father teaches two boys some valuable lessons about money and time. The most important lesson is “More you Give, More you Receive”

Rich dad poor dad Lessons:

  • Teach yourself Financial literacy

  • Make Money works for you

  • Your Mind is your Best Asset

  • Be Generalist

  • Don't be afraid of Losses

  • Power of Corporations

If you planning for the startup after study, this book is highly recommended to read.

The Rudest book ever:

This book is written by a famous YouTuber from India Shewtabh Gangwar. It is raw and realistic in nature. It is neither a Motivational book nor a Self-help book, but a book on Perspectives. How do you perceive a situation and how can it be perceived or taken in other ways?

The book is a collection of perspectives and ideas on freeing your mind from all bullshit. The verity of life you would infrequently hear from parents, friends, society, or the internet. Gangwar mentions that this book is not meant to educate but is written to make you Speculate. If you are in school and college life then I would like to highly recommend this book to you.

Final Words:

Books are uniquely Portable Magic. It might appear boring unless you start, but once it is assured, once you get a grip of Reading, you will be thanking yourself for this habit. The above Books help u to understand yourself, your life, and other perspectives of life.

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