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Virtual Classrooms Vs Traditional Classrooms: Which One to Choose?

Since the Emergence of Online Education, There has also been a Debate about Which is Better: Traditional Classrooms or Online Classrooms. There has a Variety of Arguments, that are for and against both. In this Pandemic, the virtual system of learning has proved its Advantages. Virtual learning provides various options such as e-mail, video conferences, and Online chat.

This method is taken these days due to the shutdown of schools, colleges. But accepting the virtual method doesn’t mean rejecting the traditional classroom culture. The convenience and low-cost model of virtual learning cannot replace the experiential learning of Practicality and Personality development in the classroom setting.

Virtual Learning:

In virtual learning, Students attend their classes online(internet). Virtual learning has gradually become part of Authorized Education. The biggest reason most people opt for online learning is for its Convenience. Since all they need is just an internet connection, virtual learning can be taken anywhere at any time.

Moreover, it saves them more time and hassles to travel, all they have to do is sit in front of the System or Lap when they are ready. This way students can educate themselves via scheduled Lectures or conferences. Is it better than Traditional Learning?

Traditional Learning:

Traditional learning is also known as Customary learning which is Typically a face-to-face Interaction, occurs in a physical location such as schools or colleges. It involves a Standard curriculum delivered by a teacher in person. It applies to the people who want a real-life school or college experience. Here, hands-on training can take place.

Teaching on the Internet is teaching in virtual reality, but not in reality. Does that mean that any type of education given or received on the Internet is not real? Absolutely not. The teachers are real. The students are real. The material is real. The atmosphere, however, is not real, and that is why virtual teaching cannot replace classroom teaching.

Online classes pros and cons:


  • They save time and escape traffic

  • Home advantage

  • Ultimate Convenience and flexibility

  • Multiple modes of Communication

  • Learn at self-pace


  • Requires self-discipline

  • Prone to technical issues

  • May create a sense of Isolation

  • Inability to focus on screens

  • Inaccesible to computer illetrate population

Traditional classrooms pros and Cons:


  • Organized and preplanned

  • Maintain interpersonal skills

  • Access to Wide knowledge(libraries)

  • Discipline and Puntuality

  • Interactive


  • Cost of Commuting

  • No flexibility in study hours

  • Additional costs

  • The tendency of Spoon-feeding

Online classes vs traditional classes: which one should you choose?

Traditional Education might be Best for Social Classroom Experience. However, if you need Flexibility and Convenience, an Online Exam is Best. Whenever it comes to Workload Exams, Presentations, papers are similar between Traditional and Online ClassesBoth Traditional and Online Classes have their own Perks. So we need to get the best of both.

Blended Learning(Hybrid Learning) is the term given to the Practice combining Online Learning and Traditional classroom face-to-face Interactions. It requires the physical presence of both teacher and Students with some elements of student control over Place, time, and Pace. Blended Learning methods can also Result in High Levels of Student Achievement

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